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The University of Minnesota’s Real Estate Office provides services including leasing, licensing, purchase and sale of real estate, and permits for University property.

Mission Statement

The Real Estate Office provides real estate leadership for the University of Minnesota system.  Its threefold mission is to:

  • Provide exceptional real estate services in support of the University’s mission of changing lives through research, education and outreach.
  • Create strategic value by integrating the management of the University’s real estate assets into its decision-making processes.
  • Generate the highest return over the long term in the strategic management of the University’s investment real estate, surplus real estate and properties not assigned to a collegiate unit or the responsibility of Facilities Management or comparable unit, including:  Trust Lands, Salt Spring Lands, Severed Minerals and Mineral Rights, Rosemount Research Center, former Murphy Warehouse Property; and oversight of Permanent University Fund (PUF) Lands.

Vision Statement

Creating opportunities for the future by delivering significant added value to the University’s strategic real estate decisions, well beyond the conventional considerations of cost and square footage.

Request For Proposal (RFP) Announcement!

Sale of 436.546 Acres for Residential Development at UMore Park

See our "Land for Sale" page for more details and documents


Download the Complete RFP Document - (PDF, 17.2 MB)

University Property For Sale!

Offerings in Rosemount at UMore Park, Chaska, and 2 large parcels in Carlton County.

Annual Lease Report for Fiscal Year 2016 Now Available

Download the full report (2.5 MB, PDF) or visit the report site to download an individual section.

Annual Land Report for Fiscal Year-End 2016 Now Available

Download the full report (9.2 MB, PDF) or visit the report site to download an individual section.

Real Estate Office


Jon Dostal

Assistant Director - Leasing and Facility Management


Kelley Brandt, CCIM

Assistant Director - Transactions and Operations


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Real Estate Office

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Tel: (612) 625-5345 
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Andrew Munsch (munsc005@umn.edu)

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